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For 30 years Locksmith DuPont has been providing the best security service in the whole area, only the newest and most advanced systems, all for the sake of our customers. Our mission is to give you the satisfaction of feeling safe at any moment, no matter where you are. We provide security hardware of every kind, including sophisticated locks, surveillance devices, alarms, and much more.
Know a little about our history
Serving our people since the mid-80s, Locksmith DuPont has been a crucial part of the city’s reconstruction, from a small and pacific place to a near metropolis environment. Our founders Larry and Katherine Lawrence took this chance since it was the perfect moment. With all the new places opening and new and exciting job opportunities, Locksmith DuPont grew to be a milestone in the security business in the city, providing the most advanced security devices.
In the mid-90s, the city grew even more and new establishments were needed: schools, banks, churches and other buildings were constructed everywhere. This made our client base grow to the extent of making our work ubiquitous. In 2008, we had the opportunity to give our contribution to the Chloe Clark Elementary School, where we installed door locks, cabinet padlocks, and other safety devices.
By 2010 we opened a second storefront and started to hire professionals in other areas. We expanded our service portfolio too, offering risk evaluations, a 24/7 emergency service, safe repairs and installations and even custom door and gate manufacture.
Our city has continued growing and so have we. With our third store opened downtown in 2014 we are anywhere you need us, and we will answer any emergency in no time. Working hard and with much effort, Locksmith DuPont has secured its place in the city´s security market.
Our lines are open 24/7 so you can call us anytime you want.